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Dealing With TRID in Calyx Point

TRID – TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosures

Customers of Calyx Point and PointCentral were treated to a variety of new updates and Service Packs in September and October 2015 as the company tried to achieve full functionality with the software and meet TRID deadlines, with mixed success. As an old Point user, I make the following recommendations and observations:

 There have now been 6 Service Packs to version 9.2, with a 7th planned for late this week. I would expect to see up to 10 service packs during the product life of version 9.2, perhaps out to the end of the year.

 Under no circumstances should you install any Calyx Service Pack without waiting a full 72 hours to make sure there are no last minute “retractions”, unless you like paying IT people to do updates to your system.

 While you are at it, after a Service Pack update (or when you have Interface issues), go to the Help menu in Point and select the Check for Updates, Update Interfaces….

 Make sure you review your fees and impounds on your fees worksheet after each Service Pack for a few files in case the Borrower Master Templates and/or Closing Cost Scenarios are not working correctly…. Once things appear normal, you can go back to trusting them. Of course, this is a Cadillac reason to have effective Business Rules on your system to make sure fees do not get left out by mistake…..

This has been a rugged transition, but I do think Calyx’ senior management is fully cognizant of the pain that this has caused, and is valiantly trying to get things right. Make sure you deal directly with your Sales Account Executive if you have issues or complaints, especially if you cannot get through to Tech Support.

Point and PointCentral users should be aware of the following when preparing the Loan Estimate

Download PDF above for full steps (with pictures)

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