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Stephen Breden was Calyx Point for DOS customer approximately number 100 while a mortgage broker in 1992 in Sacramento, CA.  This mortgage company is still in operation (Terra Firma Group.)  He moved to Texas in 1996 and continued to acquire IT skills and Microsoft Certifications while continuing to Originate.  From 2000-2003 he was the IT person for a large mortgage company in Fort Worth with over 40 Point users, and also set up and trained on their Point system.  Recognizing the need for this type of service, he suggested a Consulting activity to the Calyx Training Department in 2001, and joined them part-time as an online trainer, and soon began consulting on a regular basis for both IT and mortgage related issues.  He left his contract association with Calyx in 2015 and continues today as a Consultant and Trainer, concentrating on PointCentral Customers, but others as well.


We are focused priomarily on the Calyx Customer, but have no particular allegiance to any vendor or system.  Recognizing that PointCentral is later in the product cycle, we still believe firmly that this system has years of usable time remaining before it will be replaced in the marketplace by a newer technology.

Our goal is very simple:  We want to help you maximize your investment in PointCentral and avoid costly kneejerk changes at this moment in time. Why?  Because there simply is no obvious alternative to move to, and you have a huge investment in training, infrastructure, and procedures with your Point and PointCentral system.

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